Tentacle Sync

  • TRACK E - 1st batch is sold out

    Wow – a huge THANK YOU to all of our customers for the overwhelming feedback on the TRACK E timecode audio recorder release. This also means: the first batch is sold out already. The good news: We're preparing everything for the production of the next batch.

Bringing Audio and Video together. Seamlessly.


Tentacle Sync turns complicated and expensive products into an easy-to-use and affordable bluetooth-enabled solution – for everyone. Use the hardware and software as standalone products or together for a hassle-free syncing workflow. 


As former filmmakers, we developed Tentacle Sync to give us more time to focus on actually shooting the movie. We want a simple solution and don’t waste precious time on setting up complicated devices. And now it's your turn – go create!

Why you need Tentacle Sync

Audio / Video Professionals

Tentacles are accurate, small, lightweight and easy to use. With our timecode over Bluetooth technology you can setup, monitor and shoot with confidence. Just focus on what you do best.


The Tentacle Sync products provide a smooth workflow solution for everyone on your production team from shooting to editing. Seamless integration between hardware and software saves you time and money.


Take it easy! Whether you need syncing, sifting, exporting or preparing audio and video files for editing, our Tentacle Sync Studio Software does the hard work so you don't have to – fast and easy.

What our customers say

  • Der TRACK E ist genau das Tool, das ich mir für meinen Job immer gewünscht habe. Ein extrem kleiner Rekorder, der Töne und Moderationen in Situationen aufnehmen kann, die sich bisher nur mit großem Aufwand realisieren ließen. Beim Klettern, Wassersport oder wo funken einfach nicht mehr möglich ist, kommt jetzt der TRACK E zum Einsatz. Und das Ganze auch noch Timecode synchron. Genial!

    Thorsten Czart - sound recordist from Germany

  • Tentacle Sync has been an absolute life saver... Thanks for your great customer service!

    Gabe - Producer/Director/Editor from Philadelphia

  • First of all, just want to say how much I love your product. Not only is it great for me and my sound rig, but all the camera guys I work with love it as well. They love how small the lockit box is.

    Mike Hurst - Producer/Engineer/Eater of Cheeses from New York

  • Incredibly easy to use, lightweight, long battery life, software and iOS app included. Definitely ticks all my boxes and easily the best Christmas present in a long while.

    Jonne Wilkinson - Wilkinsound from Sweden

  • I've purchased a lot of equipment over the years, but I have to say Tentacle Sync for both its hardware modules and sync software is sensational. Easy to setup and use and most of all makes the final edit process a breeze. You won't find a simpler yet masterful time sync workflow.

    Mark Wagenaar - chief storyteller - Storyfully Media