Timecode for everyone

Tentacle Sync – the easy way to bring audio and video together

Tentacle Sync E

Sync any video & audio device everywhere – via Bluetooth

The renowned Tentacle Sync timecode generator and sync device just got better. Offering timecode sync over Bluetooth as well as several additional apps such as an audio recorder, the Tentacle Sync E helps you shoot with confidence knowing your audio and video will be in sync – supporting nearly any camera and audio recording device.

Tentacle Sync Studio

Batch timecode sync software for mac

Timecode itself doesn’t synchronize your material, it only makes it possible. That’s why we developed Tentacle Sync Studio (macOS). Just throw in your clips and Sync Studio will automatically synchronize video and audio via timecode, in a flash. And don’t worry if you’re tied to other timecode devices, Sync Studio will also work without a Tentacle. We all just want an easy life, right?

Tentacle Timecode Tool

Converts audio TC to file TC (Windows)

With easy pass-through conversion from audio timecode to file timecode, the Tentacle Timecode Tool is a handy tool for Windows users that reads audio timecode and prepares your footage for editing.