Tentacle Timebar

Tentacle TIMEBAR

Multipurpose Timcode Display

Making Timecode Visible

The TIMEBAR timecode display offers a solution for cameras without timecode inputs, providing visible timecode for seamless synchronization. Ideal for directors and team members on set, it ensures precise timing and coordination. With its clear OLED display, it enables easy tracking of timecode, enhancing workflow efficiency in any production environment.

Tentacle Timebar camera mount on set
Tentacle Sync Timebar OLED Display


Our OLED timecode display, engineered for unparalleled clarity and readability in any lighting scenario, courtesy of its high-contrast OLED technology. Its low energy consumption guarantees extended usage, keeping you powered throughout the day. Moreover, the OLED display delivers a vibrant color and deep blacks, elevating the overall viewing experience to new heights of precision and immersion.

Our first Timecode Generator with a display and much more

Introducing the TIMEBAR: not just a timecode generator, but a versatile multitool for your production needs. With its full timecode generator capabilities, it ensures seamless synchronization on set. But that's not all – the TIMEBAR also boasts timer and countdown functions, keeping your team on track and on schedule. Plus, with its message feature, communication is streamlined, making it an indispensable companion for directors and crew members alike.

Tentacle Timebar timecode display timer mode

Our credo: small & lightweight

The TIMEBAR: compact, lightweight, yet mighty. With a sleek design, it packs a punch, boasting enough battery capacity to last the entire day. Ideal for on-the-go professionals, its small form factor ensures portability without sacrificing power, keeping you on schedule from dawn till dusk.

Tentacle Timebar in & outputs

Full control in one App

Unlock unparalleled control and synchronization with the TIMEBAR through our Setup app's seamless compatibility with SYNC E and TRACK E. With just a few taps on your smartphone, you can effortlessly manage, sync, and operate the TIMEBAR via Bluetooth. Whether adjusting settings, coordinating with other devices, or monitoring timecode, the TIMEBAR offers unmatched versatility and convenience for your production workflow.

Operate Tentacle Timebar via Bluetooth app


  • High-contrast OLED Technology with Wide Viewing Angle
  • Compact and Lightweight 
  • Unique Alphanumeric Display Design
  • Typical Battery Runtime 24 hours
  • Sync, Control & Operate via Bluetooth®
  • Timecode Display & Generator
  • Timer & Stopwatch 
  • Text Display
  • Limited 2 Year Warranty
  • Designed and Manufactured in Germany

Quick Start Guide

TIMEBAR Quick Start Guide



3.5 mm Jack                    Timecode In/Out  
USB Connection                USB-C (USB 2.0)
USB Operating Modes                                      Charging, Firmware Update

 Control & Synchronization

Bluetooth® 5.2 (Low Energy)
Remote Control & Monitoring         Tentacle Setup App (iOS/Android)
Synchronization Via Bluetooth® or Jam-Sync via cable 
Timecode In/Out LTC via 3.5 mm Jack
Drift High Precision TCXO (0.2 ppm) / Accuracy less than 1 Frame Drift in 24 hours (-30°C to +85°C)
Frame Rates 23.98, 24, 25 (50), 29.97 (59.94), 29.97DF and 30 (60) fps


Power Source Built-in rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery
Battery Capacity                                    2200 mAh
Battery Operating Time     6 hours (highest brightness) to 80 hours (lowest brightness)
Battery Charging Time Standard Charge: 4-5 hours, Fast Charge: 2 hours

Display Modes

Timecode Timecode / User Bits 
Timer Countdown of three preset values (set different values in Setup App)
Stopwatch Running Time (keeps running in the background while operating in other modes)
Message Text of three preset messages (edit messages in Setup App)


Mounting Integrated Hook Surface on the Back
Dimensions.                                                  211 x 54 x 19 mm / 8.3 x 2.13 x 0.75 inches
Weight 222 g / 7.83 oz