Tentacle Timecode Tool

Audio Timecode converter for Windows

The Tentacle Timecode Tool allows you to prepare your footage for editing. Easy pass-through conversion from audio timecode to file timecode. For free!

Tentacle Timecode Tool

for Windows only

Our Timecode Tool for Windows users reads audio timecode and prepares your footage for editing. The tool quickly converts audio timecode to file timecode and exports this so you can sync and edit your footage inside your favourite editing program.

From now on we offer it free of charge. Just try it out...


  • Reads and analyses any timecode recorded on audio tracks, even from competitor’s products
  • Transcode your material to more editing-friendly codecs like DNxHD or XDCAM422
  • TC-link feature enables working with low cost audio recorders like ZOOM or Tascam
  • Supported import formats: Quicktime, AVCHD, MP4, WAVE, MXF
  • Supported export formats: Quicktime, WAVE, MXF
  • System requirements: min. Windows 7