We are back on track

We are back on track

TRACK E and SYNC E mkII are in production

The production and shipment of TRACK Es has already started in mid January and a lot of our customers have already received their units. Please note: in case you ordered SYNC Es and TRACK Es together, your order will be on hold until the ordered SYNC Es are also produced. Furthermore, TRACK Es are now in stock at a lot of major AV equipment resellers. So, if you need a TRACK E now, checking your local shop, might be the fastest way to get one. 

red Tentacle Sync E mk2 boards

And the really good news comes at the end of our small email: We are super happy to tell you that we also started shipping our first new SYNC E mkII units just this week. The production is running full steam ahead.

But since our backorder has piled up quite a bit, it may take a while, until you will receive your ordered SYNC Es. But rest assured that we are working hard on getting your order to you as fast as possible. 

Tentacle Sync shipping preparation